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The experience at Dr Huffnagle and The Center For Medical Weight Loss office is similar in many respects to a visit with any medical doctor. The difference with our program is that it is ALL about you and how we can help you to lose weight. The inital visit with Dr Huffnagle involves weight analysis, a detailed discussion of medical versus cosmetic weight loss, and an understanding as to where the optimal weight should be. Next, a full medical history and physical is performed by Dr Huffnagle, and attention is given especially to underlying medical conditions, functional status and limitations, and preferences as to diet and exercise. Finally, Dr Huffnagle discusses a program customized for the patient which includes ultimately dietaty, behavioral, sleep, and exercise recommendations.


Our medications include, but are not limited to, phentermine, chromium, vitamin b-12 injections, glucophage and SSRI therapy, alone or in combination. Follow-up appointments are every 6 weeks, with attention to progress of weight loss, adjustment of medications, and evaluation of ease and compliance with diet and exercise therapy. Because this is medical weight loss, Dr Huffnagle works with the patient to adjust existing medications and therapies in accordance with ongoing weight loss. Patients are encouraged to stay compliant with all aspects of the program and have continuous access to Dr Huffnagle and his staff between visits. He is always availble to answer questions and offer encouragement.

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